GalPaca Farm Yarn


Alpaca yarn is one of the softest, warmest and most beautiful fibers around.  If you are a knitter you know alpaca is a dream to work with.  We have a wonderful selection of 100% alpaca yarn, roving and 80% alpaca blend yarn.   All the alpaca fiber comes from the animals we raise on our farm or from other local farms. All skeins are 200 yards and sport weight.

100% Alpaca Yarn  $23/ skein

Cria Yarn (100% baby alpaca) $25/ skein.  Baby alpaca is the first shearing from the alpaca and is amazingly soft... you must feel it to believe it.  True luxury!

Blended Yarn 70-80% alpaca with equal parts (10-15% each) merino/corriedale and bamboo, tencel or Ramie - $23/ skein

Dyed Yarn 100% alpaca and 70% alpaca/30% merino. Both yarns have a wonderful feel and take the dye marvelously! Colors vary but we can email pictures if you are interested-$25/ skein

100% Alpaca Roving in five colors - white, fawn, turtle sundae (heathered white,fawn and black) rose grey and silver grey - 4 ounce bumps $20.

Up North Pattern or Lingonberry Hat Kit in assorted colors, $25 and can be custom made with the colors you prefer.

Easy Shawl Kit simple to knit, two skeins of yarn each discounted $1. The pattern can be purchased off Ravelry for a reasonable price.

Knitting Patterns for the Up North Hat, Geometric Pattern/Icelandic Hat, Cable Headband, Lingonberry Hat, Sno Cap Hat, The Joyce Hat, Oakleaves Hat as well as numerous Melanie Berg patterns that are perfect for our GalPaca yarn!  $5 each

Alpaca Raw Fleece is for sale and price would be based on the quality of the fleece.  If you are interested in raw fleece please call or email and we can discuss what is available.

GalPaca Farm does not have a retail store. You are welcome to contact us for availability.

Yes, it is really that wonderful!